Whose Music?

Public Discussion
12 April, 6pm, Contemporary Music Centre

Panel Discussion, Music Current 2016 (photocredit, CMC)

In this open public panel discussion, invited guest panellists, participant composers and public share thoughts on current composition trends, performance practice, critical perspectives, and new directions, featuring invited festival composers and performers. This year invited panellists, including Dr Róisín Loughran (School of Business, UCD), will consider the potenital impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on music composition and how future developments impinge on aesthetic considerations and audience reception. Moderated by Evonne Ferguson, Director of CMC.

The discussion will be open and accessible to public participants and contributions are welcome from the audience too. The event is nosted by the Contemporayr Music Centre, Ireland's archive and resource centre for new music, and will be moderated by Evonne Ferguson, Director of CMC.

This is a free event, but booking is strongly advised. To reserve a place please email info@cmc.ie